Business Performance

Response Rate (last 30 days)

87.5% of buyers who contacted this supplier received a response within 24 hours. 
(Note: Includes responses sent in the Alibaba Trade Center and TradeManager)

Average Response Time (7 days)

The suppliers average response time of received inquiries is within 12 hours.

Quotation Performance (last 30 days)

The supplier have sent 28 quotes to buyers in last 30 days.
10 + Years Experience
Complete Quality Control
Telephone: 0086-0513-81067596    Mobile Phone: 0086-15189408967   Fax: 0086-0513-81067595   Address: No. 8 Shennan Road, Gangzha District
Zip: 226000       Country/Region: China     Province/State: Jiangsu      City: Nantong     Email: